Mid Kent Revenues and Benefits Shared Service

Following the strategic business decision to not only establish an ‘ in-house ‘ enforcement team but to also to look to extend the teams reach to cover a collaboration of other authorities we recognized that the right system was key to future success.

We identified OneStep Solutions as the market leader and obvious choice to support the service and implemented their Debt Recovery suite for use within council offices and for the field agents in the community.

The relationship with OneStep has developed extremely well and our teams have formed a true alliance where in partnership they are working side by side to ensure maximum systems availability, process optimisation and of course that all objectives of the business plan which council leadership approved are fully realised.

The experienced and certificated OneStep team understood our requirements from the system and fulfilled these to the highest standards, including full integration with core council facilities such as Revs & Bens systems. Of significance has been the ease of systems use and the short deployment time. This has allowed us to complete deployment and move toward a fully productive state in less than 3 months. OneStep Cloud infrastructure has been a cornerstone of this as other than a browser for office staff and am iPad for field agents there has been nothing more required and hence unseemly delays.

Stephen McGinnes, Head of Revenues and Benefits, Mid Kent Revenues and Benefits Shared Service