David Knight OneStep

David Knight


CTO of OneStep Solutions, David co-founded the company in 1984, initially developing some of the first real-time (on-line) solutions for Clients that enabled them to reduce credit exposure and fraud whilst enhancing sales, collections and audit all whilst lowering costs.

Having supplied such systems to markets as diverse as Finance, Insurance, Legal, Regulatory and Charity, David took those experiences to develop a full suite of Workflow enabled Case Management solutions specialising in the Commercial and Local Government Enforcement and Recovery markets.  Now in its 7th generation and offering both ‘Cloud’ and ‘on-premise’ deployments, David continues to innovate and extend OneStep’s solutions and services.

David heads the OneStep Product Advisory Board which ensures OneStep continues to be driven by Client requirements, and which provides a forum through which OneStep Clients can contribute fully to all development priorities and gain access to the companies thinking, prototypes and reference platforms.

Away from work David enjoys scuba diving and is a certified Rescue Diver.