Since 1984, OneStep have been a leading player in the development of software solutions for the civil debt collection market in the UK. Built upon a robust and fully optimised platform the OneStep suite offers modules for use by office, call centre and field agent staff. OneStep additionally provides full deployment, training and support services to fully assist clients with their use of the solutions to ensure maximum values are realised and that a demonstrable return on investment is achieved.  Through the experiences gained over the many years, a practical working knowledge of the market, industry certifications and the valuable input of clients, OneStep continues to advance its innovative software to optimise the support clients receive.

OneStep core solutions are deployed to over 1,000 organisations, including commercial debt enforcement agencies, Local Authorities and London Boroughs. The OneStep suite supports all aspects of the collection process efficiently and effectively and is fully compliant with latest TCOG legislation. Customisation of work activities allows the OneStep system to be defined for each different debt type being collected, including CTax, NNDR, Parking, High Court, HBOP, School Fees and Sundry Debts. The extensible nature of the solution allows the OneStep suite to integrate fully with existing in-house systems to ensure smooth data exchange and provide real time visibility of case developments. With all software development, software support and datacentres located in the UK, OneStep can provide the highest levels of service and ensure that all data security is maintained.

Business relationships between OneStep and its clients are very long term, this being testimony to the strength of the core solution and quality of services provided in such a highly regulated market. The OneStep management team is unrivalled in their dedication to clients and, through the hard work of their teams, to ensuring all business objectives for clients are fully realised from the moment the partnership is formed. With unparalleled industry experience, innovative solutions, world class support and accredited quality standards, clients genuinely regard OneStep as a trusted advisor.